"In addition to our growing investor base, our portfolio companies' robust performance fuels our investment activity."


Amara Suites

Headquartered in New York and operating out of Lagos, Amara Suites is a leading flexible living operator serving African markets  


Delta40 is a climate-focused VC fund and venture studio headquartered in Kenya

Beacon Power Services

Beacon Power Services provides data solutions and grid management software for Africa’s power sector


HighTable is committed to bridging the gap between consumers and hospitality businesses across Africa




Apokto is a generative AI finance platform for CFOs and financial teams, leveraging advanced knowledge graph technology for deeper insights beyond traditional Gen AI approaches.


Datatrixs, revolutionizes the accounting and bookkeeping landscape with its cutting-edge platform that leverages generative AI and proprietary algorithms.

Solution transforms financial data management by providing an all-in-one dashboard, streamlining tasks, automating insights, and integrating seamlessly with accounting software for real-time data enrichment.