"At Oridun Capital Management, we strive to be the ideal business partner for your African investment goals."



At Oridun Capital Management, we strive to be the ideal business partner for investors looking to capitalize on the many opportunities presented by growing African markets. Our investments span various industries, and we primarily invest in early-stage, fast-growing companies with a focus on West African markets. We have built, alongside our affiliates, a diverse portfolio of platform companies in which Oridun invests, boosting our firm’s profitability and accountability. Our portfolio companies’ robust performance in the hospitality, on-demand home services, and real estate spheres fuel Oridun’s investment activity, and our investor capital base continues to grow.

Oridun Capital Management as investment adviser to the Oridun Real Estate Fund occupies a unique position in real estate investing through the management of a luxury real estate portfolio and hospitality platforms. 

  • Oridun aims to capture outsized returns for its investors, which stem from strategic relationships and preferential access to groundbreaking investment opportunities.

  • Oridun’s investments currently target the hospitality, real estate and on-demand services sectors, with a particular focus on companies benefiting from the commodities boom and companies that provide products and services to the region’s expanding middle class.

  • Oridun has experience building and investing in highly-regarded, fast-growing companies.

Investment Philosophy:

At Oridun, we believe that the key to success in the world of African investment is leveraging both on-the-ground expertise and strategic relationships with key players. Our physical presence in the United States and Nigeria allows us to develop partnerships and local knowledge in both countries. We also represent a crucial link between these two economic powerhouses, making us a valuable investment partner.

We treat our investors’ capital as if it were our own, and therefore we consider every angle when determining both the benefits and the risks associated with any investment opportunity. Part of this analysis involves identifying profitable exit strategies for both ourselves and our investors, whether this means an individual asset sale or a market listing strategy.

Investment Approach:

Oridun employs both fundamental and quantitative analysis to find attractive investment opportunities. On the fundamental side, our analysis draws on extensive primary research, as well as direct discussions with C-level management, which often generate new investment opportunities. Modeling and quantitative analysis allow us to identify promising market openings for new companies and/or investment opportunities. Even though the current marketplace calls for relatively low-level investment as industries get off the ground, there is no limit to the level at which we are willing to invest.

Most importantly, we are not afraid to seize opportunities. We are a young, nimble and innovative team, and we can respond efficiently to market needs. Each of our portfolio companies is a testament to our willingness and ability to act quickly and decisively on the various opportunities created by Nigeria’s huge market size and booming GDP growth. Within a relatively short amount of time, our first-world governance and corporate structure has propelled us to the top tier of mid-sized investment firms in Africa.

Risk Management:

Oridun targets industries that can create outsized returns for our investors. Despite the huge promise of African industrial growth, there are significant risks associated with doing business in Africa. Fortunately, as a firm that has built companies from the ground up, we have hands-on experience identifying and leveraging the various financial, regulatory, commodity, logistical and environmental risks that must be considered when analyzing and assessing investment opportunities.

We are constantly tracking shifts in geopolitical and policy regimes as they apply to the countries and sectors in which we invest. While frontier markets present a unique set of risks and challenges for those looking to do business, we are committed to maintaining our position as a knowledgeable, innovative and secure partner for African investment.

Coverage and Expertise:

Focusing on one region provides us with a better understanding of growth opportunities and risks, and also allows us to manage strategic relationships, due diligence and local credibility more effectively than larger players with wider coverage areas. Our local presence and deep-rooted understanding of the West African investment space give us the necessary expertise to make sound, smart investment decisions.

Strategic Relationships:

We have formed a strategic partnership with an award-winning New York-based investment firm funded by leading global and institutional investors. This partnership will bring financial and operational best practice and execution to a portfolio of companies and corporate entities that will extend across Africa. Combining Oridun’s professional network and investor base with those of our partners, whose principals have led teams in several top Wall Street firms, has further strengthened our position in the African investment sphere.